What we do

Functional pasta

We present LAILA MANGIA BENE, our Fresh Functional Egg Pasta with legume flour.

It combines the pleasure of a plate of pasta with a balanced nutritional profile.
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Fresh Egg Pasta

Since 1995 we have been offering genuine products from our territory, which respect nutritional and traditional values.

Our fresh egg pasta respects tradition through craftsmanship and the use of raw materials from our Macerata area.

Pasta fresca all'uovo ingredienti Non solo pasta da Laila Macerata

Healthy gastronomy

Our passion also characterizes us in the other section of our laboratory where we create healthy, vegetarian and classic gastronomy dishes to provide our customers with a convenient but above all healthy and balanced food offer with an eye to health and taste.

Artisan sauces

Our sauces and condiments follow an artisanal preparation and without preservatives, packaged in small glass jars where the duration is guaranteed by a scrupulous production chain and by techniques that allow maintenance using only temperature and pressure.

Only physics no chemistry is our motto.