Tortellini fatti a mano Non solo pasta da Laila Macerata


In 1959 Laila’s family opened the first fresh egg pasta shop in Macerata in via Manzoni. In the provincial capital, three generations of master pasta makers have always followed one another, specializing in providing customers with fresh egg pasta from the Macerata tradition.

The company Non solo Pasta da Laila was born from this experience in October 1995 again in Macerata, adding its Healthy Gastronomy to the offer; a gastronomy attentive to the balance of nutritional principles and the selection of local raw materials.

Eating healthy without sacrificing taste is possible, and this is our corporate mission.

By continuously investing in the research and study of high quality raw materials, we have managed to renew the tradition without distorting it.

Using the most evolved production processes and techniques, we obtain pasta without preservatives with an authentic flavor of the past, handmade or bronze drawn, with a shelf-life of several weeks.

From agri-food collaborations carried out with some universities we have also created a new type of fresh egg pasta with a high nutritional content, Functional Pasta LAILA MANGIA BENE which combines the pleasure of a plate of pasta with a balanced nutritional profile.

A balanced product that guarantees a correct supply of carbohydrates, fibers, vitamins and proteins.